In search of an English cottage garden — a few more nots

Of course I have more vacay pix — who goes to England and doesn’t come home with a memory card full of flowers?

Here’s just a few more from those wacky Brit gardeners.

The stoop garden

I strolled some alleys in Marlborough, a beautiful market village of centuries-old stone buildings. (We stayed in an inn built 1452.) I saw mostly narrow, not-so-well-tended backyard garden spaces behind rows of attached homes. But one alley was all front doors of row houses, and that’s where I found this.

Violets growing between stone front steps at a home in Marlborough, England

A zero-effort garden, I suspect. If my patio weeds were this pretty, I'd keep 'em.

 The yarny garden

Not so very nutritious — and probably more work than the real thing — but you gotta love this little veggie garden harvest in a storefront in Tintagel.

Tiny, knitted vegetables, part of a display in a Tintagel, England storefront, advertising knitting classes.

Knitting classes -- upstairs!

The ancient-as-heck garden

We trekked through the woods to the ruins of a centuries-old chapel that was totally unprotected and unmolested, with no sign people even knew it was there. Amazing! But what thrilled me most was seeing foxglove growing from the crevices of those old stone walls.


You can see the foxglove plants sprouting from the crevices of the wall -- most weren't blooming.

lavender, bell-shaped blooms with white speckled interior foxglove southern england

A close-up of the blooms you see in the upper, righthand corner of the photo at left.